Friday, April 22, 2011

The Prince of Tennis, Set 2

The Prince of Tennis, Set 2Ryoma Echizen and the rest of the Seigaku players enter the district tennis tournament as the school to beat. But an unknown team comes from out of nowhere to put them to the test. During a series of intense matches marked by extreme angles, tough spins, and gutsy play, it starts to look like the favorites will be taken down! Ryoma even gets injured during his grueling match and desperately searches for a way to win. Can he pull it off and keep his reign as The Prince of Tennis?

Episode 14: The Triple Counter
Episode 15: To Each His Own Battle
Episode 16: The Boomerang Snake
Episode 17: A Little Gesture Of Triumph
Episode 18: The Love Letter
Episode 19: Battle-Scarred Ryoma
Episode 20: Time Limit
Episode 21: Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?
Episode 22: Kaoru's Troubles
Episode 23: Here Comes Inui's Deluxe Drink!
Episode 24: Ryoma's Day Off
Episode 25: Seigaku's Strongest Man Part I
Episode 26: Seigaku's Strongest Man Part II

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