Monday, June 6, 2011

Wimbledon 1975 Final: Ashe vs. Connors

Wimbledon 1975 Final: Ashe vs. ConnorsThe 1975 Championship reached a spectacular climax to the Gentlemen's Singles Final between the world's then number one player, Jimmy Connors, and Arthur Ashe.

Connors, a self-taught player from Belleville, Illinois, had burst onto the tennis scene only a couple of years earlier and was taking the tennis world by storm. In fact, he had enjoyed one of the most successful years of tennis that any player had ever experienced, producing some remarkable tennis along the way. He had won fifteen tournaments, including Wimbledon, The U.S. Open and The Australia Open.

During The Championships he looked invincible, having waltzed through to the Final without losing a single set. In contrast, Ashe from Richmond, Virginia, was pushing 32 and seemed past his prime. The prospect of Ashe being able to thwart his opponent in the final seemed remote, especially as Connors had beaten him in their three previous encounters.

However, there was a final twist in store, as Ashe overcame all the odds to beat the younger champion in four thrilling sets to win the most coveted title of all.

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