Monday, June 6, 2011

How Do You Play Tennis?

Always wanted to learn how to play tennis but don't know where to start? Don't worry, there's a bunch of different ways you can learn how to play tennis online. Books is a great way to explore what tennis has to offer, not to mention videos which is even better since you get to see all the moves and techniques get preformed in front of you. So how do you play tennis? This article will teach you the basics of tennis, reveal the tennis scoring system, discuss court differences and hopefully give you some insight on the subject.

Technique in tennis is just a little part of the abilities and skills required to play tennis. I've encountered many instructional videos and books which hasn't understood this. They are all about how you play tennis, and how to make the correct move with your arms or legs, not twisting your wrist etc. when you actually might have problems with judging the balls landing spot or getting into position for the ball within the time limit. How do you play tennis? You study the rules of the game, learn the basic moves and perform them over and over again until you feel like you can evolve and try performing some more advanced techniques that will let you get that score advantage against your tennis partner.

To describe the tennis scoring system as simple as possible, a player must win four points to win a game, six games to win a set, and two or sometimes three sets to win a match. Game points will be counted 0(love)-15-30-40-game, and if the score between two players is 40-40 it's called Deuce. To win the game at deuce, a player must first acquire an advantage by winning a point, and then win the following point. If a player gains an advantage but loses the following point, the score is reset back to deuce. The first player who wins six games by margin of two points wins a set, and the first player to win two (or sometimes three) sets wins the match. The outcome of matches can often depend on which type of court the match is played on, so it is important to know the differences between them.

There are many types of courts used for tennis, but do you know what a fast or slow court is? A fast court is a court which has a faster surface, in other words is slowing the ball down less then a slow court. The ball also generally bounces higher on slower surfaces then on faster surfaces and vice versa. As expected the fast court surfaces suites a big server and serve-and-volley player best, although shorter strokes are easily executed on a fast surface compared to longer strokes. Slow court surfaces are baseliners favorite courts with their long strokes and/or a consistency based game. To sum up, slow courts makes you run less while fast courts make you run more, which by the way is a good thing as a game of tennis is a fabulous workout opportunity.

Tennis requires flexibility and agility to keep up with the ball, raw strength for powerful shots, endurance to be able to play a whole match and a good mental mind to stay ahead of ones opponent. Tennis allows you to train all of this while having fun, relieving stress and energizing your spirit. Tennis shapes the body as well as sharpens the mind. Each time a ball is hit, one is forced to react and respond fast. Some might want to find a strategy to use against an opponent. This keeps your brain young and helps relieve tension. Hitting the ball with a racket for an hour or two will leave you stronger and surely tone and sculpt your entire upper body. Tennis players often have good core strength (abs and lower back muscles) because they do the hard work when hitting a tennis ball but also keeps you balanced when you run and provide power to your strokes along with your legs and upper body. And the fact that your legs will get a full workout should be apparent when playing tennis, but you might not have known that you stretch muscles all over your body, (increasing your flexibility) including a few you didn't even know you had just by playing tennis. Your heart is also getting a piece of the action when you play tennis, interval training improves your heart function and you might well say tennis is interval training since you get a few seconds rest in between the points.

As you probably can tell this is only a fraction of the subject, but what you've read in this article is the basics of playing tennis. So if you're still asking "How do you play tennis?", maybe this game isn't for you.

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