Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advanced Tennis

Advanced TennisIf you suffer from knee and elbow issues, whether you're a tennis player or not, this DVD will help relieve pain caused by these most common sports injuries. Anastasia has been playing tennis for more than 20 years and used to be a ranked junior player. Anastasia has always loved the game, but unfortunately, before discovering yoga, she was troubled with knee and back injuries. After starting a yoga practice, Anastasia detected a significant improvement in her lower back and knee injuries and a positive change in her tennis game. She realized that her yoga practice helped her to be lighter, more graceful on the court, while still maintaining her strength and power. She also discovered that yoga has helped her to become a lot more centered and focused. Anastasia was so happy with her discoveries that she decided to share them with fellow tennis players. This simple step-by-step 35-minute yoga DVD, taught by Jivamukti-certified and Yoga Alliance-registered yoga instructor Anastasia, will help you to prevent future injuries by increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles. Practicing yoga will do more than help your sports injuries - it will improve all aspects of your life! This DVD will help you: Improve concentration; Control anxiety; Increase flexibility; Increase your reach; Reduce the risk of injury; Improve your footwork; Gain strength and endurance.

Price: $30.00

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