Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Singles" Strategy and Tactics!

Pro Tennis Lessons This is the DVD you have been waiting for! By popular demand Bestselling USPTA Pro James Jensen has added this exciting lesson to his popular instructional library. Single players at all levels can now immediately improve their match play skills with the valuable tactics, techniques and strategies presented on this dynamic DVD. With his modern day flawless hitting form and easy to understand presentation Coach Jensen builds your Singles play into a formidable all court game your opponent’s will respect and fear. Just some of the Singles strategy, tactics and techniques Pro Jensen teaches you include. Singles play mental and physical preparation, court etiquette and sportsmanship, winning Singles patterns of play, ways to control the court and point, the day of the match, proper pre-match warm up techniques, ways of keeping your opponent confused and off balance, attacking your opponents weaknesses, what should be in your bag the day of the match, how to deal with different types of players including hard top spin pace hitters, serve and volley players, lobbers, slice and spin players, junk players and more, ways to turn the match around when your behind on sets and games, what you should do during the cross over between games, learning from your mistakes, ways of Serving to your advantage, tactics for taking your opponent out of his or her game, breaking your opponent’s rhythm and much more! This Sensational DVD is a must for all Singles Players looking to improve their wins in tournament or club play! Doubles Players will also benefit from the information presented.

Price: $29.95

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