Monday, May 16, 2011

The Great World Of Tennis: Benefits And Facts

Tennis is a world known sport since the 1800s. It originated from France and has become widely known in Europe although the sport has been known to have existed in the 12th century, but without using Tennis Racquets. Today tennis grand slam events the US open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon are annually anticipated by tennis enthusiasts.

World renowned players such as Andre Agassi, Billie Jean King, Margaret Court, and Roger Federer are some of the greatest players of all time for they each have won multiple Grand Slam tournament titles.

Before playing tennis you should be aware that there are some tennis equipment that you will need beforehand, first of all you will need a tennis racquet, especially made tennis shoes, and of course proper tennis clothing.

Because of its grown popularity more and more people are encouraged to join this event, what they do not know is that there is more to tennis than they thought they know. Did you know that tennis is one of the most recommended sports by most doctors? This is right although there are a lot of sports out there keep your body healthy yet tennis remains to be the only one that promotes discipline, as well as physical, mental, and emotional well being all at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits that one could get by playing tennis:

1. It is a proven fact that people who engaged themselves into three hours of tennis every week cuts their possibility of death caused many different natural causes of diseases.

2. A study have also shown that people who plays tennis in good mood have higher chance of winning as compared to angry or depress players.

3. Tennis is also a game that requires mental alertness and strategic thinking which means that you continuously develop new connections from the brain into the nerves and vice versa, which means that even if you grow old your brain continues to develop.

4. Tennis also promotes positivity in terms of personality development.

5. The process of playing tennis promote both aerobic and anaerobic fitness that helps in burning more fats at the same time give your muscles enough time to rest.

The world of tennis has indeed been developed ultimately and because of this development there are more than enough stores worldwide that continuously come up with various tennis equipment to keep players at their best.

It is very important that as you follow the rules you also follow the basic guidelines of tennis in terms of clothing and accessorizing. There are tennis accessories such as sunglasses, that helps you stay in focus even with the sun towering high over you, some people simply miss the ball just because the sun hit them directly into the eye.

Other accessories such as tennis caps, allows you to cover you face from direct sunlight without hassles. Tennis clothing on the other hand are especially made for players to move freely inside the court. Tennis is a great sport but takes courage and determination to be good a good player just like any other sports, except you get more benefits more than anything.

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