Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Doubles: Winning Strategy and Tactics for Men & Women!

Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Doubles: Winning Strategy and Tactics for Men & Women!This is easily the most in-depth instructional ever presented on the strategy, tactics and techniques needed for immediately improving your Doubles Play. Designed for men and women of all levels renowned Bestselling USPTA Pro James Jensen teaches you and your partner how to offensively and defensively control the court during club and tournament play. There is much more to successful Doubles Play than most people are aware of and in great detail Pro Jensen builds you and your partners Doubles game from the ground up into an unstoppable force on the court. In this valuable lesson Coach Jensen personally teaches you and your partner the following strategy, tactics and techniques for becoming a Winning Doubles Team: Proper court positions and formations for Doubles play, unbeatable patterns of play that work against all types of Doubles players, how to successfully communicate with your partner during play, owning the net with aggressive volley play, ways of taking! your opponents out of their game and breaking their rhythm, how to defeat every type of Doubles players including fast pace players, lobbers, players who constantly volley and rush the net, baseline Doubles players, one up one back players, how to poach at the net for easy put away points, and more. You will learn how to mix up your Doubles formation and patterns to confuse and keep your opponents off guard with tactics like the Aussie formation, how to follow your Serve to the net for quick points, setting up winning shots for your partner, how to read your opponents during the pre-game warm-up, how to practice with your partner to develop a Winning team, ways to turn the match around in your favor when behind on games, tactics for forcing your opponents to make uncomfortable high percentage shots, rules and sportsmanship during Doubles play and much more! By ordering this valuable DVD today you and your partner will be on your way to more successful wins in club, league and tournament Doubles play!

Price: $49.95

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