Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Djokovic wins Wimbledon

TONY EASTLEY: Serbia's, Novak Djokovic has continued his incredible run of results this year adding Wimbledon to his list of titles.

Djokovic's victory over Rafael Nadal in last night's Wimbledon final gave him 48 wins this year and the mantle of world number one.

Steve Pearce was courtside.

(Sound of tennis players grunting and hitting the ball)

(Crowd roars)

ANNOUNCER: There's a new champion at Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic.

UMPIRE: ? 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3.

STEVE PEARCE: There'd been much debate in the lead-up to the decider about whether Djokovic would deservedly be number one if he lost to Nadal but any such argument is now without basis.

Djokovic more than lived up to his new reputation by convincingly beating the defending champion on centre court.

Roger Federer and Nadal had won every men's tournament here since 2003 but the 24-year-old was always confident his ability would deliver his greatest ambition in the sport.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I always believed that I have quality to beat those two guys. I always believed I have quality to win majors, grand slams, and that was the only way I could be here in this position.

STEVE PEARCE: Serbia's win in the Davis Cup propelled him onto the winning streak which has been interrupted by just one loss this year.

He says nobody should underestimate the importance of his country's win on his career.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: After the Davis Cup win I was full of life, full of energy, eager to come back to the tennis court, eager to play some more, win some more tournaments, and in a good sentence really I lost my fear.

I believed in my abilities more than ever. Australia was one of the best tournaments I played in my life.

STEVE PEARCE: German Boris Becker won three Wimbledon titles in the 1980s.

Speaking on the BBC he says Djokovic has dominated the sport like few others.

BORIS BECKER: Just imagine his record this year. He played 49 singles and won 48, two grand slams in between, and his blip was a semi-final loss, guess to who - to Roger Federer.

BBC PRESENTER: Not a bad player. (Laughs)

BORIS BECKER: Just the standard he had this year was second to none.

STEVE PEARCE: Nadal was as ever gracious in defeat and says after five successive defeats in finals to Djokovic this year he has to accept he's second best.

RAFAEL NADAL: Seriously, I lose because I am playing against the best player of the moment, the best player of the world and I am then the second and when you play against these players and they are playing unbelievable the normal thing is lose.

That's what happened at last few times.

STEVE PEARCE: Queenslander Ash Barty won the girls' singles title on the final day to add to South Australian Luke Saville's win in the boys' event.

Along with Bernard Tomic's run to the last eight the long-term future may be looking better for Australia but it's the Serb who today sits on top of the tennis world.

This is Steve Pearce at Wimbledon for AM.

TONY EASTLEY: And Djokovic's win of 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3 has seen him regaled as a national hero at home where there have been celebrations in the streets of the Serb capital, Belgrade.

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